Due to the individual nature of each repair, estimates may vary significantly. Please contact us for estimates on all other work including refinishing, touch-ups and specialty wiring.

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Services - Fret Work

A Fret Job includes the following: level fingerboard using neck jig, replace frets, level frets using neck jig, crown and polish frets. Maple Neck Fret Job includes re-lacquering fingerboard on non-vintage necks only.

By using specialized neck jigs and measuring devices to compensate for string tension and gravity, the fingerboard or fret surface can be milled truer than ever before. This results in superior sound and eliminates the guesswork in neck compensation.

The discriminating player will find lower action without fret rattle or buzz. The use of the jig can also cure problem necks that may have become warped or even slightly twisted. 

Fret work requires experience, extra time, and special jigs. It is more expensive than other methods, however the benefits outweigh the costs.

Fret Job (Unbound Neck)                   $200.00

Fret Job (Bound Neck)                       $225.00

Fret Job (Maple Neck)                       $275.00

Partial Re-Fret                                  $10.00 per fret

Replacement of worn frets only; Plus Fret Dress ($70.00-$90.00)

Fret Dress                                        $70.00 - $90.00

Frets leveled using neck jig, crowned and polished. Partial re-fret may apply depending

on fret wear (generally the first four frets).

Repair Loose Fret Ends                      $10.00 per fret