Services - Electronic Work

Due to the individual nature of each repair, estimates may vary significantly. Please contact us for estimates on all other work including refinishing, touch-ups and specialty wiring.

Authorized Warranty Repair Center

Install Direct Replacement Pick-Up     $35.00

Routing for different size pick-up additional charge

Replace Jack                                     $15.00 + Jack

Replace Switch                                  $25.00 + Switch

Replace One Pot                                $25.00 + Pot

Replace Two Pots                               $35.00 + Pots

Install Additional Pots                         $10.00 each + Pot

Install Saddle Transducer                    $65.00 * 

* Includes routing saddle slot under simulated string tension to eliminate irregularities. This will result in superior contact between saddle slot/transducer/saddle. Also includes drilling/reaming for end pin jack. (Extra charge for routing opening for side control panel.)