Set-Up                                             $50.00

Includes neck adjustment, action adjustment at nut and saddle, tighten tuner nuts and screws, lubricate tuning machines, general clean-up and strings.

Bone Nut                                          $60.00 *  

Bone Saddle                                      $50.00 *

*If the guitar has worn frets, a bowed neck or an ill-fitting saddle, expect additional costs to correct these issues. A new nut cannot be installed if the other issues are not addressed.   

Re-Glue Bridge                                  $75.00  
Make New Bridge                               $120.00 * 

* Includes new bone saddle 


Lower Bridge                                     $50.00 *

*If neck pitch has been shifted and neck cannot be reset, bridge may need to be lowered to compensate.

Replace Bridge Plate                          $100.00

Re-Glue Loose Bracing                        $35.00

Broken Headstock                              $120 & up *

*Pricing quoted on a case by case basis.

Glue and Cleat Crack with Touch-Up    $20.00 /inch

Re-Glue Pickguard                              $30.00

New Pickguard                                   $40.00

Correct Intonation                             $100.00

Convert to Lefty                                $175.00 *

*Includes new nut and saddle

Neck Reset                                        $350.00

Install Direct Replacement Tuners       $30.00

Install Schaller Type Tuners                $60.00

Non-Direct Replacement

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Due to the individual nature of each repair, estimates may vary significantly. Please contact us for estimates on all other work including refinishing, touch-ups and specialty wiring.